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Ok, i had my second baby 3 months ago and man is this true! I had AWFUL night sweats where i had to change my clothes! I dont think I had those the first time.

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Princess Isabelle: I understand you have suffered. I know about your woman. William Wallace: [pauses] She was my wife. We married in secret because I would not

Below is the story of just one of these babies, Ryleigh McWillis, who died as a result of circumcision. Ryleigh was suffering from the typical post-op consequences of

A solo Kyf show with a kicking live band, the Philly debut for the new album, Sunny Bites, available online at and at the show, as well as older Kyf

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Breeding & Whelping Puppies Q&A Photo by Doug Loving I try and answer every question I receive on training. I may often come across a little on the blunt side

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I met my half man when he was 15. He move in when I just became a teen and we started fucking almost right away. He took my virginity, taught me how to kiss, and

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M. Lindsay 28 Feb 2012 12:02 am. I get super duper dizzy. It’s actually the most annoying 4 days of the month. I end up sitting in my office feeling nauseated from

Dec 01, 2015 ยท Porn stars Amber Rayne and Kora Peters tell The Daily Beast about how Deen violated them on set, bringing the total number of on the record accusers to five.

Jay. DOESNT WORK FOR ME!!!!! I have my skill and I have it mastered. I have been doing it for over 18 years now. I have worked for other companies and freelance for

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